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EDUCATION: It should be the way human being ethically acquire, create, and transfer knowledge, skills, and principles by contributing individually and collectively to a balanced growth, in fully harmony with nature, and seeking for a global better culture of peace.  *** Carlos Saakán

It’s a Not-for-Profit Corporation with a social common interest, independent and democratic, without exclusion to any religion, race, culture and social group; intended to Promote, Plan, Organize and Implement: Programs, Projects, Events, Agreements, Contracts and Activities, in order to facilitate the Inter-culturalism, in the sectors of Tourism, Sports, Recreation, Arts, Business and Employment; to truly integrate the International Students, the Skilled Workers and/or the foreign Multicultural Population in Canada.


Minimizing Systemic Barriers at the best, for gaining the “Canadian Experience” by promoting the active involvement of the International Students, the Skilled Workers and the Canadian Multicultural Foreign Population (bilingual/multilingual) in the fields of Education, Tourism, Sports, Recreation, Arts, Business and Employment; by collaborating and/or cooperating to their social immersion, participation, and integration, within the productive framework and/or the local, national, and global business and labor market.

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“We Show You How to Learn” 

An interactive online methodology, focused on Language Structure Fundamentals and based on self-formation and peer-formation, by running dynamic strategies and activities synchronously and asynchronously through senior student-mentoring and teacher-tutoring, complementing the lessons delivery by using supplementary material, available on the social media.

Mission: A bilingual comprehensive training in English and Spanish, as an essential and valuable resource of information and communication; which provides skills and competitiveness for an active participation, both individually and collectively, within the scope of globalization.    Our Vision: We are a functional organization, as a mean of liaison for purposes of teaching/learning English and Spanish, by facilitating the intercultural immersion in the field of education and tourism, within the wide global picture.


We offer Academic and Language Programs through Agreements with recognized colleges and schools in 16 countries all around the world. In Canada, we promote programs offered by our represented institutions, which hold a Designated Learning Institution number DLI as institutions recognized by Citizen & Immigration Canada in www.cic.gc.ca and which are as well members of Languages Canada, TESL Canada, Career Colleges of Ontario, or Ministry/Boards of Education.

Head Programs Offered by our Represented Institutions

“A valuable and indispensable source of communication and information for executives, students, teachers, professionals and tourists; a Gateway to knowledge management and organizational development of those individuals and organizations committed to Globalization”…



Tourism is an activity that enlarges the vision of the wide world, and it is also a very good opportunity of an exciting immersion to experience a new language and culture, as well as to enhance your professional formation while having lots of fun and making new friends…



A good bilingual formation and access to study abroad in college or university program in English, becomes a significant value to enlarge competitiveness in order to open more doors to better opportunities to get a job, within the growing more demanding current global scenario…



Spanish is the second most studied language in the world after English. It is the official language in more than twenty countries all over the world. Meanwhile, it is in constant expansion of its cultural baggage within it. It is rapidly increasing the number of non-native speakers of several other languages, due to their interest in business, education, tourism, etc.


The ACE TESOL Certificate/Diploma Program is an ESL teacher-training course with 100/120 hours of classroom instruction and a 20/30-hours supervised practicum. The course is offered twice a year in an intensive format or part-time. Using the ACE Method, trainees explore teaching, learning and language trough task-based, participatory and interactive experiences.


IELTS is a non-computer based test and students who are more comfortable talking in a person to person test are better suited for this option. It is another proficiency testing preparation program similar to TOEFL. The complete program is 12-weeks in duration; however, it is possible to join the course for shorter lengths of time for short-term upgrading.


Our Professional Management Staff

Carlos Saakan is a Specialist in Project Management, holding a Master in Education degree, and is an ACE – TESOL Certified English teacher in London, Ontario/Canada.

He´s highly experienced in coordinating English EFL programs in colleges and universities in Colombia, as well as more than 11 years living in Canada; which makes him being a bilingual and bi-cultural immigrant, fully committed to assisting those public/private Education Bodies related to bilingualism and globalization of education, by holding Agreements/Partnerships for the benefit of those international students interested in enrolling English ESL, or Academic Programs in Canada.

Carlos is the builder of Language Students International and co-founder of Language Students Corporation; and is also currently leading the Online Languages Courses through the Google-Classroom Platform, as an Academic Coordinator as well as an English online tutor.

Mary Ardila is a Medical Office Administrator, who´s currently working for the St. Joseph´s Hospital in London, Ontario.

She also performs Administrative Assistant roles at LANGUAGE Students International, and as a bilingual/bi-cultural immigrant, collaborates in liaising international students.

Mary is as well collaborating with the website management and by designing advertising material and contributing to spread it on the social media.

 Sofía Zabala is our Commercial Representative Manager.

She’s in charge of designing and advertising the flyers, brochures, etc. for Language Students International and Language Students Corporation for digital marketing purposes by offering their services and those ones of their represented institutions, through publishing them on the different social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as by using WhatsApp and their official e-mails. 

Sofia also collaborates with the Website editions.

Gerardo Castro is a Master’s degree in Organization Management, and a consultant in the management of social enterprises, Co-founder of the Corporation Integration Saguenay, and member of the Board of Directors of Entité 1 (Health Services Planning Entity for Francophones).

He’s also been involved in several non-profit organizations for more than 10 years, favoring the integration of immigrants; as well as promoting and mentoring the entrepreneurship for the local population interested in building family, small, and sole-proprietorship business companies.

He is currently a board member of the education subcommittee of the LMLIP project of the Local Immigration Association of London and Middlesex, and Co-founder of Social Business Co-op, whose mission is to support the creation of Social Enterprise.

What People Say


Angela Clavijo

If I am asked, “How was your experience with Language Students International?” I would say, it was amazing! I can tell it in three important points. First: This experience gave me the opportunity to meet different cultures from all around the world, like: Arabic, Korean, Chinese, and Canadian. Second: I learned English easily because of having in real living experience; for example at my homestay, with lots of new friends and many several different circumstances that forced me to practice the English language. Third: It also gave me the opportunity to leave my comfort zone. I truly can say “I will always love every second I lived in London-Ontario” thanks to Language Students International orientation.


Ian & Peggy Stewart

We would like to express our satisfaction with the Spanish Conversation Group sessions that we attended, in which we practiced the language in a relaxed atmosphere with our very knowledgeable Spanish speaking leader. It was an experience that enabled us to acquire the everyday language and expressions of native speakers. We especially appreciated the fact that in a small group setting, we could ask questions at any time and get immediate information or clarification from the instructor, something that can’t be reasonably done in a large class. Perhaps nothing improves one’s language ability more than lots of practice in speaking face-to-face with a native speaker, and we had plenty of opportunity to do that, on topics of our own or of mutual interest. Also, we were hearing and being instructed in correct pronunciation at all times, so it added to our confidence and comprehension.


Itai Malkin

Hi, my name is Itai Malkin and during the past year I was a part of the Spanish-English exchange program. I think this program is unique because although you can learn a language in a class, nowhere else can you get the one-on-one conversation style learning, where attention to detail is just one of the many benefits. The focus is fully on you, so you learn fast how to apply the language in realistic situations. The best thing is that both sides are an asset, as you get to do the same in the other language in return.


Ingrith Sierra

My experience with Language Students International has been one of my best moments in my life. I attended an English ESL school where I could share with people from different countries, learnt about several cultures, and lived a real language immersion with the help of a true Canadian family. After this experience, I feel more encouraged to hold conversations with any people. I truly recommend this program to students who feel insecure or shy to speak English.


Michel Parkin

I am happy to provide a testimonial for the classes I have been taking. I am happy to recommend this program after being disappointed with my progress taking traditional continuing education classes in Spanish, I was fortunate to experience a conversational Spanish class organized by LANGUAGE STUDENTS INTERNATIONAL. I found that the small group environment, with a focus on conversation as well as grammatical lessons, has really contributed to improving my capacity to understand and speak Spanish, with only two hours of instructions per week for the past year. I was so excited to find myself able to communicate functionally during a recent trip to the Dominican Republic! Based on my experience.



Visiting Canada and attend to an English ESL program was actually a great experience thanks to the orientation process provided byLanguage Students International. I really improved my English language skills and had a lot of fun and excitement visiting such beautiful places like Niagara Falls, the CN Tower and the Great Lakes beaches among several more touristic attractions in a very safe and friendly student environment. I truly recommend people to live this amazing experience.


Diana Tabima

I truly lived a wonderful experience with Language Students International. While attended an excellent English ESL school; I made new friends from all around the world and visited some of the most beautiful iconic places in Canada. Once back in my home country, I could introduce to my family, some Japanese friends who came to visit me to my home town. With the help of language Students International, I also had the chance of sharing some original folk dance from my home region in Colombia.