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AFILITE INSTITUTIONS with  courses of: English ESL / International Tests TOEFL – ELTS – CAEL / Access to  Colleges & Universities programs: Technical – Tecnological – Underdegree – Degree / International English Teachers Training, Certificate or Diploma ACE – TESOL / Business Courses / High School Validation from grades 9 – 12 with Ontario Secondary School Diploma  (OSSD) / Study & Work Academic Programs.

English - ESL & Spanish - SFL

English - ESL & Spanish - SFL
“A valuable and indispensable source of communication and information for executives, students, teachers, professionals and tourists; a Gateway to knowledge management and organizational development of those individuals and organizations committed to Globalization”…

Educational & Cultural Tourism

Educational & Cultural Tourism

Tourism is an activity that enlarges the vision of the wide world, and it is also a very good opportunity of an exciting immersion to experience a new language and culture, as well as to enhance your professional formation while having lots of fun and making new friends…

Global Professional Education

Global Professional Education

As a complement to a good bilingual formation, the access to study abroad, at a college or university program, in other language; becomes a significant value to enlarge competitiveness and thus open more doors to better opportunities to get a job, within the much more demanding current global scenario…


The imminent rise of the current globalization requires communicative competences in one or more languages, in order to enhance competitiveness in the new global culture, without losing the sense of belonging to the native culture, and be able to face the global reality and its effects on the own context.

It is essential to develop innovative plans and programs that involve cross-training, linked to specific training scenarios that imminently require a basic and general multilingual/bilingual education in harmony with the academic and work requirements; according to the business dynamics, economic opening and Globalization of Education.


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Intercultural events of art, sport and recreation, are continuously being held to build a more inclusive and better multicultural community.

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